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At Ask Wire, our vision is to be the go-to source for real estate intelligence, helping businesses and consumers make informed decisions.

We develop and provide comprehensive profiles of all properties in Europe, aiming to create a solid foundation on which companies can build innovative products and services, automate regulatory reporting, monitor environmental and climate risks, and help consumers easily transact online.

We also offer a range of data analytics services to help our clients gain insights, automate processes, and develop models for real estate valuations, environmental risk assessment, and more. We develop bespoke Solutions that either address specific matters or combine their own data with those of Ask Wire.


Meet the Real Estate pioneers behind the movement.

Get to know the team behind the real estate data revolution. From our mission and values to the individuals driving our success, this is your chance to meet the people behind the data and understand what makes us passionate about empowering the world with real estate insights.

Pavlos Loizou


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Niki Tsivitanou

Head of Product

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Michael Skitsas

Head of Data Analytics

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Nikos Katsos

Head of Engineering

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Christos Papaxanthos


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Alex Michael

Technology Advisor

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Attracting the best talent, empowering life-long learning.

Whether you are an accomplished professional or a promising new talent, you will be challenged by the work, the people on your team, and the clients we serve.

We’re looking for a Marketing Manager to lead our marketing efforts and strategy. This role is pivotal in enhancing our brand presence, engaging with our target audience, and driving growth.

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Ask Wire was awarded the “Best Fintech for Real Estate, Europe” by Pan Finance,

recognizing our commitment to providing high-quality real estate intelligence.