Real Estate Dynamics (RED)

Real Estate Dynamics (RED): the real estate market in the palm of your hand.

Ask Wire’s powerful real estate data analytics solution. RED provides you with access to +140,000 transactions (updated monthly and +22,000 listings (updated daily). With RED, you can get a comprehensive view of the market, track trends, and identify investment opportunities.

RED is a web-based tool that can be accessed by any device, allowing you to use it anywhere and at any time.

Our team can work with you to analyse and visualise your own property portfolio, allowing you to benchmark pricing and demand/ supply dynamics.


Comprehensive, reliable data giving context to your decisions:

Comprehensive Transaction Data

RED gives you access to +140,000 all real estate transactions; all transactions recorded by the Cyprus Land Registry since January 2016, updated monthly. Our data is cleansed, sorted by type, and mapped, providing you with accurate and reliable information about the market.

Real-time Asking Prices

RED provides you with access to +22,000 asking prices from all banks and NPL servicers, properties in the foreclosure process, and aggregator websites, updated daily. This allows you to monitor changes in prices and make informed decisions about investment and development opportunities.

Bringing transparency to the real estate market

RED makes data reliable and accessible to all, by putting it on everyone’s mobile devide helping them make informed decisions about investment and development opportunities.

Developers and investors use RED to price properties, both for purchase and sale. They monitor how competitors are performing and track changes in local markets’ micro dynamics.

Estate agents use RED to identify new properties that are coming onto the market, as well as to bring confidence to their clients, buyers and sellers, when they transact. There is nothing more powerful than an agent who is able to advise their client using reliable and comprehensive data.

Banks leverage RED’s comprehensive data to benchmark valuations in terms of pricing and identify pockets of supply or increased demand.

Mobile Compatibility

RED is mobile-optimized for use on-the-go, during meetings, and inspections.

Use RED to base your decisions on comprehensive and impartial data, that facilitate discussions and bring confidence in decision-making.

Case Study

How developers use RED to buy land and price their end product.

A real estate developer was looking for the appropriate pricing for a land parcel to develop a new apartment complex.

They used RED to identify the prices of apartments for sale and being sold in the area.

They identified specific competing projects and analyzed the performance of their competition to ensure they were pricing their development appropriately and to estimate the rate of sale of the apartments.

The developer also used RED to benchmark the value of the land they were interested in against that of other land parcels for sale and sold in the area.

Using RED they were able to quickly access comprehensive and impartial data, putting their development in context of the local market’s demand and supply dynamics.

Thanks to the insights provided by RED, they were able to make informed decisions about their investment, resulting in a successful residential project that was appropriately priced throughout its construction cycle.