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Understand real estate.

Helping everyone in and around the Real Estate Ecosystem innovate, grow and partner with their customers.

Understand how the market moves

See sale prices, property values and trends on a map, for any area you’re interested in. We combine thousands of data points into simple, helpful insights to help you eliminate guesswork.

Get accurate property value estimates

Based on more than 15 years of experience in economics, real estate and data science, we've designed a model that can estimate urban property values accurately and predictably, and we’re giving it away to everyone, for free.

An expert valuing team at your fingertips

When the time comes to buy or sell, request a professional valuation from our team of RICS-approved experts at one of the most competitive rates on the market. Plus, you can monitor the whole process online, no more back and forth over the phone.

Who are we?

We're WiRE, a property technology company that enables transparency, through cutting edge technology and supreme real estate knowledge and experience.

We count more than 90 years of collective real estate experience and along with our astounding tech team, we are developing bespoke tools that automate processes, analyse and visualise data, and provide insight to market dynamics and consumer behaviour.