Elevate Sales: Unlocking Opportunities for Building Material Companies

At the start of 2024, Ask Wire introduces a groundbreaking lead generation service designed to revolutionize the construction materials sector in Cyprus. By leveraging advanced data collection and satellite imagery, we offer a comprehensive snapshot of ongoing and upcoming construction projects.

In 2023 we identified construction initiation in 541 residential projects, as well as hundreds of sizeable projects going through the town planning process. We provides clients with their location, type, developer, etc allowing them first hand knowledge of the development pipeline and giving them the opportunity to amend their strategy or reach out to them first to pitch their building products and services.

This service is not just about providing data; it’s about opening a window to uncharted opportunities for construction material companies, banks, investors, and other stakeholders.

Cyprus’ Construction Activity in 2023

An overview of the 2023 landscape showcases the vibrancy of Cyprus’ construction sector, with a particular focus on multi-storey residential buildings. Our analysis has revealed significant trends and regional disparities, providing our clients with the intelligence needed to navigate the market effectively.

Multi-Storey Residential Buildings Identified (January-December 2023)

This dataset encompasses 541 newly spotted multi-storey residential buildings, offering a detailed look at construction trends across five principal districts: Lemesos, Lefkosia, Larnaka, Pafos, and Ammochostos. Leading the pack, Lemesos recorded 198 new projects, with Lefkosia and Larnaka following closely. In contrast, Pafos and Ammochostos displayed fewer projects, highlighting regional disparities in construction efforts.

This monthly dataset is invaluable for companies in the construction materials industry, offering a window into current trends and strategic insights for future engagement. Early access to information about new projects acts as a powerful lead generation tool, enabling companies to proactively connect with potential clients through tailored offers.

In a sector where timing and detailed knowledge can significantly impact success, Ask Wire’s analytical service provides businesses with the insights necessary to stay ahead, optimize their engagement strategies, and secure new contracts efficiently. This initiative marks a significant stride towards a more informed and data-driven construction sector in Cyprus.