Press Release: HD 360 invests in proptech company WiRE FS

• The goal is to develop technological tools leveraging Artificial Intelligence that will bring greater transparency and simplify processes in the real estate sector.

HD 360’s investment in the Cypriot proptech company WiRE FS has been carried out after all relevant procedures were recently completed.

HD 360 Ltd, a subsidiary of the fast-growing insurance company Hellas Direct, has recently invested in WiRE FS. WiRE focuses on leveraging technology to optimize processes in relation to property management and bring greater transparency in the real estate sector. The company is developing technological tools that will set new standards and raise the bar in many areas of the Real Estate sector, such as valuation, agency, insurance, etc, combining data analytics and Artificial Intelligence with their team’s expertise.

“The successful completion of HD 360 Ltd’s investment in WiRE serves a dual purpose. Firstly they have embraced our vision to set new standards for the Cyprus Real Estate market. Secondly, the trust shown to us by an institutional investor who has successfully leveraged technology to bring innovation and change to a traditional sector, like Insurance, gives us the drive to bring our ambitious plans into fruition,” comments Pavlos Loizou, WiRE FS Managing Director.

“With technology being part of our DNA, we couldn’t but support the efforts made to simplify processes in the Real Estate sector, which is a key pillar of the Cyprus economy,” says Michael Antoniou, Product Manager at Hellas Direct. “It has been proven in practice that technology has changed both the business world and the society as a whole for the better. Particularly in Cyprus, where the use of technology is still relatively limited, these initiatives are critical in transforming the country’s business culture, bring transparency and increase competition and accessibility of products” he adds.

To read the press release in Greek press here.