Environmental and Climate Risk Assessment for Insurance and Banking


Insurance companies and banks are facing increased pressure to understand and manage environmental and climate risks in their operations and portfolio investments. These risks can include acute hazards such as natural disasters, as well as chronic risks related to climate change such as sea level rise and extreme weather events. Additionally, regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and reporting are becoming more stringent.


Ask Wire’s API can provide data on environmental and climate risks, including acute hazards and chronic risks related to climate change, specifically tailored to the insurance and banking industries. The API can also provide an indicative Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score, which can be used to evaluate a property’s energy efficiency, and to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Benefit / ROI

By using the API, insurance companies and banks can proactively identify and assess environmental and climate risks in their operations and portfolio investments. This can help them to better understand and manage their risk exposure, and make more informed investment decisions. Additionally, the indicative EPC score provided by the API can assist insurance companies and banks to evaluate the energy efficiency of properties, anddemonstrate compliance with regulations. The use of the API can help these companies to mitigate their exposure to potential losses and also can enhance their reputation among customers and other stakeholders.

Data Provided:

  • Environmental Risks (Acute)
  • Climate Change Risks (Chronic)

Models Available:

  • Indicative Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Score