Niki Tsivitanou

Head of Product

Niki is a co-founder and Head of Product at Ask Wire. She oversees Ask Wire’s product strategy, design and development.


Real Estate Platform Expertise: Decades in the Making

Before joining Ask Wire, Niki was with Resolute Asset Management and spent 6 years in setting up and running the operations of large-scale real estate platforms for financial institutions.

She worked on establishing the real estate management platforms of Hellenic Bank (2015), Bank of Cyprus (2016 to 2018), and Gordian Holdings (2019 to 2020). During her secondment at Bank of Cyprus and at Gordian Holdings she managed the respective real estate sales teams, delivering in excess of €1bn sales from granular real estate portfolios.

Niki holds an Economics degree from the University of Cyprus and is a CFA charterholder.